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lateral forces. [R507.2.3]. 2. Overall deck length shall be equal to or less than overall deck width. See DECK FRAMING PLAN for definition of deck length and width. 3. Minimum post size is 6x6 nominal and maximum post height shall be in accordance with Table 4. .. intended to support the deck ledger and deck. Installing.

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15 Jul 2014 . Shell Busey replaces a deck support post. For more home improvement information, you can go to It's Just That Easy!

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A deck is essentially an outdoor floor supported by a frame, posts, and footings secured in the ground; assembled in stages; and built from the ground up. The following terms define all of the important components of a typical deck.

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a deck that transfer load through its frame to the ground or adjacent, supporting structure (commonly a building). This same principle is applied to the design of all types of wood frame buildings. This continuous load path is created by using a system of structural connectors and fasteners to connect the wood members.

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Building Safe and Durable Wood Decks and Balconies. 4. Overview. 4. Types of Wood Decks and Balconies. 4. Elements of Wood Decks and Balconies. 5. Common Performance Issues. 6. Structural Design. 9. Design Loads. 10. Foundations. 11. Columns (Posts). 11. Framing (Joists and Beams). 12. Lateral Support. 14.

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There should be at least one 3/8-in. lag screw or bolt into the ledger between each pair of joists for a solid connection, but your building inspector may call for even more depending on the size of the deck they support. Look for joist hangers on each joist with all of the nail holes filled with galvanized joist hanger nails—not.

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A deck must be designed to support the same design loads as the house, as specified by the governing building code. In general, this means that the deck must have capacity to safely support uniform live load of 40 pounds per square foot (psf) on the entire deck surface. Greater live load should be considered if regular.

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Above the subframe. DECKING, The floorboards or decking boards. NEWEL POST, Vertical post that supports balustrading. BALUSTRADING, Vertical railing secured between newel posts as a feature or barrier. BALUSTER, Vertical railing otherwise known as a spindle. HAND RAIL, Top rail section of balustrade.

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Ensure you check these critical inspection points: ?. Decking boards and butt joints in boards. ?. Handrail to post connection. ?. Bottom rail to post connections. ?. Baluster to rail connections. ?. Joists to house and joist to deck bearer connections. ?. Ledger pole plate to house connections. ?. Bearers to supports. ?.

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12 Sep 2013 . I was at a client's house only to estimate a front-door replacement, but my eyes were drawn to the second-story deck. From a distance, I could see that the joists weren't supported by a regular beam but were attached to a single rim joist that in turn was nailed only to the side of the 4×4 posts. A closer.

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Install bracing cut from the same 2 x material you used for the joists — 2 x 8 for this deck — between joists in the middle of the frame to support parting boards. Parting boards, also known as pattern boards, add a distinctive look and can eliminate the need to butt boards together to span the width of the deck. Install the.

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19 Apr 2016 . It's a sobering lesson for any builder who thinks a balcony is basically a cantilevered deck. Unlike a deck, which is supported by a ledger and a system of posts, beams, and footings, a balcony's sole support derives from joists or beams that cantilever from the exterior wall. Its stability and longevity rely on.