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A ranch-style wood fence (also called split rail or post and rail) with two to four rails typically costs $3-$9 a linear foot for just the materials; it can be about $400-$1200 for 100' of fencing and $2500-$8000 to enclose a simple square acre . An American Fence Association photo gallery displays different types of fences.

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Contain Your Yard In Style with a High Quality, Attractive, & Affordable Wood Fence. Property Werks will . Volume discounts for large projects (over 250 linear feet) - Minimum project . From standard privacy fences to intricate modern designs, which can include custom posts, caps, windows, and arbours. If you have any.

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Pictures and videos of the Pet Playgrounds DIY Dog Fence Kit. Even though our Dog Fence is a REAL physical fence it is nearly invisible. Take a look.

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For a 6-foot fence, each post should be 9 feet long, and if there are 24 of them, you need 216 linear feet of post material. . For example, if you're using 6-inch slat, which is 5 1/2 inches wide, and you're spacing them by 1/2 inch, you need 400 of them for a 200-foot fence. (200 x 12 . Jupiterimages/ Images.

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Your initial investment for vinyl is about the same as wood or even slightly more, but over the life of the fence, vinyl typically costs about a third of what a wood fence costs, according to the website, Vinyl fences are available in picket and swimming pool styles that run from $12 to $22 per linear foot; privacy.

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13 Jun 2014 . (Image credit: David Gilder/Shutterstock). We're asking readers to share how much they spent on a given item, project, or upgrade in the home. We hope this information proves helpful to anyone needing to get a basic sense of how much something costs, and how much you can expect to pay to hire.

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16 Jul 2013 . The cost of hiring a professional to install your fence can vary depending on length and type. Learn the . (Photo by Summer Galyan) . Top-rated fencing pros tell Angie's List that, based on the average price for material type, and a typical fence length of 200 linear feet, here's what you can expect to spend:

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Ranch style: for ? acre (around 209 linear feet) the total cost would be $1,880-$3,135 for a basic ranch style fence. 3'-4' wooden picket: for ? acre (around 209 linear feet), the total cost would be $2,300-$4,600 for a basic wooden picket fence 3. Basic 6' privacy fence 8: for a very basic ? acre (209 linear feet) privacy fence.

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4 Jan 2018 . Wood Fences. When many of us picture the American Dream, a wood fence is surely in the portrait. Beyond adding that sense of privacy we all want in our home, a new fence, no matter the material, . For example, if you're installing a 100-foot fence that is 4 feet high, you need 200 linear feet of railing. 6.

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29 Oct 2014 . They range from galvanized-steel board ($10-18 per linear foot of fence), pipe/tube ($8-14) and mesh ($5.20-10) and polyethylene-coated treated wood ($6-12), .. Traditional-looking board fencing (picture high-end Thoroughbred farms in Kentucky) and split-rail (think old New England farms) require more.

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4 Sep 2014 . /posts/how-to-calculate-linear-feet We'll show you how to measure a linear foot to calculate the cost of your long-distance move. A line.

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Fence Material, Cost Per Linear Foot, Labor Cost Per Linear Foot. Metal/Chain, $7, $10. Wood, $12, $12. Vinyl, $17, $7. Aluminum, $26, $10+.

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About $25 per linear foot; No-care vinyl installation costs the same as wood fencing with less maintenance issues. Natural stone varies by color and style but ita€?s important to match the stone on existing architecture. Low grade vinyl is vulnerable to degradation from exposure to high UV light and extreme temperatures.

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12 Jan 2017 . Uninstalled 4-foot tall picket panels cost between $3 and $75 per linear foot. Most 6-foot privacy fence . Property owners can minimize installation and labor costs for wooden fences by sticking with standard 90-degree intersections, simple alignment and designs and ordinary gates. Customization that.

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5 May 2017 . Yet, consider having a three dimensional photo realistic render and a site plan, as height is not readily represented on a typical plan. The 3D . In our list, we'll note which of these purposes are being met, along with basic description of the fence, the cost per linear foot, and pros and cons for each type.

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Most fencing installation professionals charge a cost per linear foot that includes both their labor and the materials cost. Since the cost for fencing can .. Obtaining estimates from three different contractors, however, will give you a more accurate picture of the fencing materials and labor cost range in your area. Return to Top.