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KGUARD? concrete slab edge protection range consists primarily of the Standard Safety Post and Guard Barrier locating into various fixing components to accommodate concrete slab applications such as surface mounted, slab side edge fixing options, and non drilling clamping arrangements that avoid anchor fixings.

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Can be bolted to existing concrete or decking or set into concrete. High Wind Post Anchor (PSQ). Engineered for high wind areas, including tropical regions. Fixing to Concrete. Pryda Post Anchors can be either embedded into concrete or fixed to the top surface of reinforced concrete slabs or bases using concrete anchors.

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11 Nov 2010 . Whether you're building a cover for a concrete patio, mounting posts on concrete steps or installing a railing around a concrete porch, you have to attach . You can surface mount a post that will have more than one point of support, such as a post that attaches to both a concrete slab and a covered roof, or a.

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If you want your pergola positioned over a patio or concrete – choose the second option as the Fixing Post is secured by using a hammer drill and masonry bit to drill through the . As this version of post support is flush fitting, it is ideally used for situations where your pergola is to be sited on an existing patio or concrete.

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Installing Post Anchors - Deck Building - How to Design & Build a . #deckbuilding. Attaching a wooden railing to a concrete porch adds a touch of elegance. Many people.

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INSTALLATION: Fix the anchor to the post with 4/50 x 10mm galvanised coach screws or 2/M10 galvanised bolts and nuts. Fix to the floor, footing or slab with suitable connectors. Description: These anchors are used for locating 90mm, 100mm, 115mm and 125mm posts onto existing concrete or decking. Usage(s):

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On This Page. Estimated Costs to Fix. Cracks; Leaks; Settling/Sinking; Bowing Walls. Average Repair Prices. Piering; Leveling/Slabjacking; Sealing; Stabilizing. Cost by Types & Material. Concrete Slab/Block; Pier and Beam; Brick and Block; Basement; Crawlspace. Structural Reports; Home Resale Value.

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Make sure you measure and mark out the concrete correctly before drilling holes for the post support. Bear in mind it'll take two people about half an hour . To help make sure the post stays upright, tighten the bottom two bolts of the fence repair spur first. As you tighten the bolts, use a spirit level to . How to lay paving slabs.

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Watch this video to find out how to attach a wood handrail post securely to concrete using lead shields and a metal post bracket. . Attaching a metal post bracket to a concrete slab. It's not that difficult to attach a wood handrail . Use lag bolts or screws to attach the metal post bracket to the concrete. Insert the wood post in.

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Visit slab foundation repair - terms to better understand the terms on slab foundation repair service brought only by Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc.

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8 Feb 2013 . DynaBolts (that's the name for this particular anchor in Australia. They are know by other names in other countries) are the ideal anchor for attaching almost anything to solid masonry such as concrete. This video will look at attaching timber to a concrete floor. The Tools You'll Need Are: Hearing protection,.

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25 Nov 2008 . Additional benefits are obtained when the post-tensioned reinforcement is installed in a draped profile instead of running in a straight line. A typical draped profile in an elevated concrete slab would route the post-tensioned reinforcement through a high point over the slab's supports, and through a low point.

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Using stirrups or uprights to support a post out of the ground is a great way to provide longevity for your fence or structure as the wooden post is less likely to suffer . pushing it into the concrete very slightly, ensuring that it is set to the correct depth based on the required height of the timber you will be attaching to the upright.

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You may have undersized support beams, support posts that are rotting and losing their structural integrity, or undersized post footings that are settling. . To get at the footing, you'll have to saw through and strip off the concrete floor covering it, then dig down one side of the footing until you can measure its length, width and.

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T-REX Connector – Post Base Detail . If you are looking for a strong connection when attaching a timber frame post to a concrete foundation, and one side of the post is hidden, this Simpson STHD Strap may be the . There are several methods for securing a timber post to a solid poured concrete pier, slab or foundation.

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15 Sep 2011 . This quick film shows you how to fix a fence post onto concrete using a fencefast post support.

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You can use a Simpson ABU44 post base which will keep the post off of the concrete. You can fasten it with 4 tapcons or one single lag screw in the middle. You would drill the slab and hammer in a lead anchor and screw the lag bolt into it. The single allows you to move it around while installing the post so.