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Construction. 75.4 million 20%. Energy. (electricity, gas, heating supply, water supply). 95.58 million 25%. Agriculture. 84.71 million. 22%. Pulp and Paper 29.9 million 8%. Steel industry. 28.25 million 7%. Chemical industry. 13.37 million … Others. 54 million 14%. Waste Generation of All Industries in Japan. 380 million.

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Procurement and stable supply of primary and secondary processed goods domestically and globally □Wooden finished goods(Lumber, Laminated wood, Plywood, etc.) - Japanese housing & construction material makers, Pre-cut trader, Panel factory □Industrial goods (Metal goods, plastic goods, electric equipment, etc.).

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Presently waste plastics are effectively converted into useful building materials like bricks, interlocks, roof tiles, railway sleepers, paving slabs, retaining blocks etc., . India's rate of recycling of plastic waste is the highest (60%) in the world as compared to other countries (China 20%, Europe 20-40%, Japan 39%, South.

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Recycling in Japan (リサイクル, Risaikuru) is based on the Japanese Container and Packaging Recycling Law. Plastic, paper, PET bottles, aluminium and glass are collected and recycled. Japan's country profile in Waste Atlas shows that in 2012 Recycling Rate was 20.8%.

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Building Materials and Construction Procedure; Structural Engineering; Fire Safety; Environmental Engineering; Architectural Planning and Design; Marin .. 2014, 288p, 4,900yen: AIJ Recommendations for Plastic Design of Steel Structures, 2017, 274p, 4,500yen: Stability Problems of Steel Structures 2013, 2013, 202p,.

Japanese company plans world's tallest wooden building

14 Feb 2018 . “Japanese designers – and architects around the world - are very keen to explore ways to make the best use of wood as a construction material, although it has been particularly difficult to make progress in Japan because of the very conservative fire regulations that make building anything over two stories.

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22 Aug 2016 . Seeking to reinforce the structure of its new showroom and laboratory in Nomi, it asked Japanese architects Kengo Kuma and Associates to use rods of the material to anchor it. "Since the carbon fibre is tough and pliant, they approached us with an idea of utilising it to render the building quake-resistant,".

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DSM Japan Engineering Plastics KK, a segment of Dutch life and material science company Royal DSM NV, was incorporated in Tokyo in 2003. . Building this technical center has enabled DJEP to perform evaluations on its products and provide information services in Japan, both of which were previously commissioned.

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[Held in Tokyo] Highly-functional Material Week [Held in Osaka] Highly-functional Material Week OSAKA. [Held in Tokyo] Highly-functional Material Week. Dates: Dec. 5 (Wed) - 7 (Fri), 2018. Venue: Makuhari Messe, Japan. Access. FilmTech JAPAN - Highly-functional Film Expo; PLASTIC JAPAN - Highly-functional Plastic.

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10 Jun 2017 . The metal is remade into cans, auto parts or construction materials. Plastic bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a common polyester resin, are scooped up in a wheel loader and dumped into a bin at the bottom of a compactor, which can ingest half a ton of bottles per hour. They come out the.

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Tokoname, a city in Aichi Prefecture, has a long history and tradition of ceramic crafts, and is the site of one of Japan's six ancient kilns. Their ceramic teapots hold the top market share domestically, but low brand awareness among consumers has been a big issue, since shifting from producing teapots to building materials.

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Highly-functional plastics have been receiving great attention from various industries as next-generation materials for weight reduction, and metal-alternative and environmental-friendly products. PLASTIC JAPAN is a comprehensive show that gathers all kinds of plastic-related technologies from highly-functional plastic and.


Started as an expanded version of the construction materials division of JAPAN SHOP in 1995, ARCHITECTURE + CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS has been held every year since then. It has now grown into a comprehensive exhibition of materials and other related products indispensable for building various architectural.

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Japanese uses 30 billion plastic bags and collectively lose tens of thousands of plastic umbrellas every year. . developed a technique for transforming felt from used clothes in a hard building material that can be sawed and hammered.

Dow heads first quantitative study to reduce plastic waste in Japan

20 Dec 2017 . Together, with Tokyo University of Science (TUS) and the Japan Plastic Industry Federation (JPIF), the study titled “Assessment of River Waste Using . The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) combines science and technology knowledge to develop premier materials science solutions that are essential to.

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Kokura Station Building in 1998. Different from the steel materials specified for bridge use, both steel materials are specified for exclu- sive use for buildings, excellent in plastic deformability. In around 2010, a new steel of tensile strength of 800 N/mm2 class excellent in weldability and productivity and a steel of tensile.

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B&F Plastics, Richmond, IN, Woodplast / WPC manufacturer. Crane Plastics Manufacturing, Columbus,OH, /WPC manufacturer; exterior door frames, windows & decking. Asahikoushin, Japan/China, WPC outdoor construction materials and accessories. ThaiHybrid Co.,Ltd, Thailand, WPC structural systems.

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21 Sep 2016 . The Japanese company TBM has made a paper and plastic replacing substance on the basis of limestone, called Limex. . Limex can replace both paper and plastic, but in the future, TBM wants to use the product in building material, clothing, cars, et cetera, as well. With everything around us made from.

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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) was first manufactured in Germany in 1931 as a robust and lightweight new plastic. This breakthrough material was brought . It is also used in building materials such as sidings, furniture, spouts, window profiles, flooring, decking boards, and roofing sheets. Agricultural and industrial applications.

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First let us outline the general situation of plastic waste in. Japan. Table 1 shows the discharged volume of waste. Table 1 - Total Discharqe Volume of Waste ... Building materials. I 7,069 I 5,271. 5,555. 5,924. Formed products. 2,1191. 2,175 I 3,4751. 1,857. (Note) The figures for consumption represent recycled pellets by.