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14 Jan 2014 . This ancient Japanese technique dates back to the 18th century, and was traditionally used on siding as a natural sealant to protect wood from decay, pests, . For those of you who would like to try this yourself, please be aware that dust from charred wood is so fine that it can clog pores and is extremely.

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25 Jan 2016 . Largest producer & supplier of Yakisugi Wood, Japanese charred wood & Japanese burnt wood siding in USA, Canada. Call us on 503-512-6780 for cost estimate.

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D'Arcy Jones designed a home with charred wood accents. Alex Bozikovic. Published January 7, 2014 Updated June 19, 2017. Before finishing their new Okanagan Valley home, a B.C. family set fire to it. Specifically, homeowner Jon Friesen and his father David took the house's siding – big boards of Douglas fir – and.

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9 Feb 2017 . In this Instructable you'll see how easy it is to make charred wood siding, without using propane. Charring wood protects it from, ultraviolet light, insect attack.

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14 Oct 2014 . Above: Burnt cedar siding on a house in Los Gatos, California, by Schwartz & Architecture, submitted to this year's Remodelista Design Awards. Charred larch cladding on the exterior of a Japanese-style teahouse in the Czech Republic Above: Charred larch cladding on the exterior of a Japanese-style.

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19 Sep 2017 . Brushing the burned boards removes the char and lightens the hue, while oiling them brings out the natural grain. Two niche wood companies, Delta Millworks in Austin and ReSAWN Timber in Telford, Pa., sell ready-made shou sugi ban siding, flooring and decking in pale slate gray and rich sable-brown.

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28 Feb 2015 . This technique to give wood siding fire resistance has some beautiful qualities. Join me as I tour the factory where it's "made". http://www.deltamillworks.c.

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THE EXPRESSION OF BEAUTY IN CHARRED WOOD. The art of charring . The Kindl approach to charred wood processing starts at the source. . It's our expertise and process that make the difference with some of the applications, such as fences and decks, exterior siding, and interior millwork design projects. It's highly.

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3 Mar 2017 . Lastly, here are some things to think about before you purposely destroy your wood to make it more durable. Your charred wood is good to go after it has been burnt. It looks great as siding and awesome as trim/accenting around windows and doors. If you do end up igniting your doghouse on accident, you.

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Burnt wood siding in four burn levels. Gator, Tiger, Ebony, and Silvertip.

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reSAWN has modernized the ancient Japanese shou sugi ban process to create high performance, beautiful wood products. The designs vary greatly in aesthetics from a fully charred black to a light, subtle gray. reSAWN uses only the highest quality wood species to ensure unmatched performance in any suitable.

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Shou Sugi Ban - Custom Charred Wood Siding and Paneling. FSC Certified Doug Fir Exterior Siding and Interior Paneling Charred with a Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban.

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Shou sugi ban is an ancient Japanese method of burning the surface of wood to preserve it. The final product is also known as Yakisugi (yaki means to cook/burn and sugi is the Japanese name for cedar), but shou-sugi-ban seems to have won as the most commonly used term in English, and it is sometimes simply known.

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And charred wood isn't just for siding. “We've built dining tables, kitchen island tops, stair- cases, and even a timber-framed screened porch using charred wood,” says wood- burning expert Chris Dobbins, the owner of CDH Carpentry in Haliburton, Ont. “The charring locks in the desired colour, meaning you don't get the.

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Shou-sugi-ban / Charred Wood Siding / Burnt Wood Siding: This technique adds beauty and longevity to wood siding. Traditionally, cedar was burnt in Japan to increase the wood's resistance to insects and fire. It creates beautiful and one-of-a-kind appearances that have not been found in traditional wood products.

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30 May 2017 . For our siding, we're using an old Japanese technique for preserving wood called shou sugi ban (a.k.a. charred cedar — although any number of species of wood could work). There's some flexibility in exactly how it's done, and there are various looks that can be achieved. We're going for mostly a “gator”.

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Our CharWood Siding – “Shou Sugi Ban” is one of our two flagship products (the other being our CharWood Fencing). Our CharWood Siding comes in three different finishes – Deep “Gator” Char, Medium “Ebony” Char, and light “Tiger” Char. The Deep “Gator” Char is a very traditional finish, hearkening back to the.

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We are proud to be partners with the very best producer in charred wood, reSAWN Timber co. .. CHARRED WESTERN RED CEDAR features shou sugi ban charred wood in a range of neutral tones from creamy white to dark grey. All Cedar products are appropriate for exterior siding and interior wall/ceiling cladding.

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Delta Millworks offers charred or burnt wood siding, flooring and shingles in a variety of species done in the traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban.

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12 Mar 2018 . Charred wood siding (fencing) originate from the old Japanese technique of making an elegant, beautiful and unique external wood wall. 'Shou sugi ban' – the Japanese term for charred or burnt wood, allows for having extraordinary pieces in your own garden. The idea behind shou sugi ban is to make.